The Mother of All ‘Conspiracy Theories’

By Cyril Vetter

Since around the late 1990s, a Russian “academic,” Igor Panarin has been forecasting the breakup of the United States. His thesis is that mass immigration, economic decline and “moral degradation” will trigger a second Civil War.

The American West Coast, according to Panarin, will become what he calls “the Californian Republic” under Chinese hegemony. Texas will be the nucleus of a cluster of states under Mexican hegemony. The Boston-to-D.C. megalopolis will become “Atlantic America” and join the European Union. Canada will control a group of Rust Belt states, Russia will lay claim to Alaska and well, you get the idea.

Panarin’s career with the KGB began in 1976 and he first presented his “breakup” idea at a conference in Austria in 1998 on the topic of information warfare.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has repeatedly been quoted as saying, “The breakup of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century” and I’m convinced there’s nothing he’d like more than a similar breakup of the United States.

Putin’s career with the KGB saw him stationed in East Germany with the infamous East German intelligence service, the Stasi. He learned gas lighting, mind control and information warfare under the tutelage of the Stasi — the best.

Panarin and Putin share their KGB roots proudly. And the successor agency, the FSB, pushes the diminution of American presence and power in Europe and the rest of the world wherever and by whatever means possible, including weaponizing American technologies like social media.The social media companies are indifferent to anything but profit. Witness the recent dustup in Houston, organized on Facebook under the rubric “Stop Islamization of Texas,” where competing groups attended a rally sponsored by an organization called the Internet Research Agency, which according to a CNN report is a troll ops effort originating in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Ads for the rally were purchased on Facebook for pennies. A companion Twitter handle “@ItsTimeToSecede” was also involved and both sites have since been taken down.

Writing on his “The Reformed Broker” blog, New York based financial advisor Josh Brown noted the indifference of the major social media players to congressional concerns that their platforms had been weaponized by an adversarial power.

He wrote: “The Senate Judiciary Committee convenes a hearing on the ways in which foreign agents were able to influence our elections last year. It’s the most brazen incursion into our election process by a foreign government in American history, and it was facilitated at a cost of pennies and dollars, without a single shot being fired. The three largest social media concerns, whose platforms are primarily responsible for this are called to testify before the nation. The CEOs don’t even bother showing up…they send their lawyers. Congress is a toy to them. A cash-strapped, debt-laden, in-fighting, vestigial organ of a failing state. At the current rate, these companies will be bigger, more influential and better capitalized that the Capitol.”

A scary thought and one that NYU Professor Scott Galloway argues in his book “The Four,” should be broken up in the interest of preserving free market capitalism. Much the way the AT&T monopoly was broken up and the Standard Oil market dominance was broken up.

So, is Donald John Trump the “Siberian Candidate”?

Is he wittingly or unwittingly a pawn in a massive Russian intelligence operation that is bone chilling in its guile and Stasi inspired machinations?

We don’t know.

What we do know is that the White House and the administration’s minions constantly threaten the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. If Professor Panarin’s dark scenario has any chance of coming to pass, the firing of Mueller would probably hasten it along. We can’t let that happen.

Cyril Vetter is an attorney/businessman and a lifelong resident of Louisiana. He has written and produced books, music, film and television projects with a Louisiana cultural preservation theme. Cyril finished the US Army’s Military Intelligence school at Ft. Holabird, MD, and served as an intelligence officer in Vietnam with a Top Secret security clearance and was awarded the Bronze Star.

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4 Responses to The Mother of All ‘Conspiracy Theories’

  1. Fredster says:

    Sadly I see the possibility of something like this happening.


  2. Stephen Winham says:

    The POTUS may not be “The Siberian Candidate”, but I don’t believe he is above (or below) doing anything that serves his own personal interests. In his world view almost all of us are mere pawns and only people like Putin are worthy opponents. Who do you think might be the better chess player of the two?

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  3. earthmother says:

    The fracturing of the country through hyper-partisanship has never seemed accidental. Hate radio, sites such as infowars, breitbart, and the phenomenon of the huge influence of fox news, owned largely by non-Americans, are not casual players in the opinion wars. They are all players in a sophisticated and carefully planned agenda to divide and conquer. This post sheds light on the reasons for this. Forewarned is forearmed. Unless it’s already too late. As ever, follow the money let’s discern who benefits from the scenario Mr. Vetter describes. We absolutely know who will not,


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