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Don’t call me ‘Christian’ any longer

By Robert Mann When an angry reader emailed recently to ask how I justified calling myself a Christian, given my beliefs on social issues like marriage equality, I told him my relationship with God was none of his business. My … Continue reading

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Attorney General Jeff Landry’s cynical legal moves

By Robert Mann In 2015, a transgender man from Lake Charles filed a federal sex discrimination suit, alleging the financial services company he worked for fired him after he refused his boss’ order to dress as a female. While the … Continue reading

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When will some churches stop treating transgender people as modern-day lepers?

By Robert Mann Theodore Parker, the 19th century Unitarian minister and abolitionist, was right: “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.” History takes a circuitous route, but it inexorably gravitates toward acknowledging the dignity … Continue reading

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Pastor Protection Bill is a ‘solution’ in search of a problem

By Robert Mann Its official name is the “Pastor Protection Bill.” If the Louisiana House had a truth-in-advertising rule for legislation, however, the measure working its way through the Legislature would be known as the “Let’s Help Elect Mike Johnson … Continue reading

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GOP presidential candidates defend discrimination, not free speech

By Robert Mann Several of them pledge to plunge the United States deeper into the military conflict in Syria. Half wish to deny women the right to an abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. Their frontrunner has made … Continue reading

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Jindal: Let the little children come to me so I may use them as props

Imagine this scene at Louisiana’s Governor’s Mansion: “OK, governor, you sit there at the head of the table. Mrs. Jindal, please sit to his right. Wait, let’s get better light on her. Joe, can we get some powder on the … Continue reading

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Kim Davis is playing the Christian right for suckers

Like gullible 15-year-old boys at a state fair, the Christian right is an easy mark for political carnival barkers like former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz. “Step right up, folks. See the brave woman defend … Continue reading

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