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Justice might be a Biblical command, but it’s a government job

By Robert Mann Imagine you’re walking along the Mississippi River with friends when you spy a figure bobbing in the water. It’s a child. There’s no time to summon the police, so you swim to save it. Later, another child … Continue reading

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What the Germans could teach about banishing our Confederate statues

By Robert Mann Last summer, while in Germany for the first time in 30 years, I was surprised to see Berliners hadn’t demanded a new name for one of their city’s prominent thoroughfares —¬†Karl-Marx-Allee. The grand boulevard flows east from … Continue reading

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He may be Louisiana’s longest-serving mayor, but he’s my mentor

By Robert Mann I’m sure when I arrived in his undergraduate economics course at Northeast Louisiana University (now the University of Louisiana at Monroe) in the spring of 1978, Professor Dave Norris¬†took little notice of me. I was a journalism … Continue reading

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What Donald Trump and Gov. John Bel Edwards inherited from their predecessors

By Robert Mann Obamacare’s fate is now a crisis for Donald Trump and congressional Republicans. It’s delicious irony that, after railing against and vowing to repeal former President Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement, the care and feeding of a program … Continue reading

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Professors aren’t indoctrinating students, but some Republicans wish they would

By Robert Mann “I am now ashamed of my time at LSU with this type of biased writing coming out of the [mass communication] department,” a peeved reader wrote in an email to me last week. “Now I can see … Continue reading

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Louisiana’s cowering GOP krewe in Washington

By Robert Mann If the Republican members of Louisiana’s congressional delegation created a new D.C. Mardi Gras organization, we could call it the Krewe of Deilos. This ancient Greek word for fear and cowardice is the perfect moniker for the … Continue reading

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Donald Trump’s ‘dreamy’ speech to the Louisiana Legislature

By Robert Mann I’m not sure if it was a nightmare or a premonition, but I dreamed recently that Donald Trump addressed the Louisiana Legislature. Here’s (vaguely) how it went: Members, thank you for your kind invitation to speak. You’ve … Continue reading

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