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There is hope for everyone, even racists and Nazis

By Robert Mann I love redemption stories because they show, as someone once observed, “Nothing is exempt from resurrection.” And few are more inspiring than one who renounces violence or hate and becomes an exemplar of tolerance or love. Last … Continue reading

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What Tiger Woods’ arrest can teach us all about humility

By Robert Mann I don’t know what emotion you experienced when you heard the news of Tiger Woods’ arrest on DUI charges, but I thought, “There, but by the grace of God, go I.” I’ve been careful to avoid driving … Continue reading

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First World Problems: Guest post by Cyril Vetter

By Cyril Vetter We are a deeply divided country. Our divisions run along the fault lines of race, class, religion, et. al. Our political divisions are stark and well defined and decidedly First World. Consider this the next time you … Continue reading

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Guns are killing, not protecting, us

By Robert Mann My LSU students had barely unpacked their bags in London in early June before the awful news landed that a shooter had killed 50 and wounded another 53 people in Orlando. What had originally been a trip … Continue reading

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Nick Spitzer: Baton Rouge Blues – From Juke Joints and Clubs to Festival

The Baton Rouge Blues Festival is this weekend. Find more information about it at this link. By Nick Spitzer From 1978 to 1985, I worked for the Louisiana state cultural agency in Baton Rouge, with its state government, college, refinery … Continue reading

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‘I can’t be gay in northeast Louisiana.’ A ULM student’s powerful message to Phil Robertson

[I had hoped to find a young person, like this University of Louisiana-Monroe student, to interview before I wrote my Times-Picayune column for Sunday’s paper. I didn’t find him in time, but on Saturday morning, I did find him. And he agreed … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas? Happy Holidays? Who cares?

By Robert Mann I come from a long line of Christian evangelicals. I grew up among people devoted to saving souls, compelled by their faith to spread the “Good News.” My father was a preacher who believed in the power … Continue reading

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