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Bernie Sanders, the not-so-social Democrats and the not-so-democratic Socialists

By Seán Patrick Donlan As the California Democratic primary finally, mercifully, approaches, the drama intensifies. At this point, that tension has little to do with the procedures by which the party selects its presidential candidate. Their nominee was already decided … Continue reading

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How a David Vitter loss could hurt Bobby Jindal

By Robert Mann As he no doubt celebrates Sen. David Vitter’s political struggles, Gov. Bobby Jindal probably has mixed feelings. Sure, he and his staff despise Vitter. There’s been no love lost between the two men and their aides for … Continue reading

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Jindal: Let the little children come to me so I may use them as props

Imagine this scene at Louisiana’s Governor’s Mansion: “OK, governor, you sit there at the head of the table. Mrs. Jindal, please sit to his right. Wait, let’s get better light on her. Joe, can we get some powder on the … Continue reading

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Insulting Muslims, Bobby Jindal misses chance to show maturity, decency

Finally, we have presidential candidates willing to level with us and give us the honest, hard truth about the serious threat to our country . . . posed by a Muslim president. No, I’m not talking about Barack Obama, who … Continue reading

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The modern press conference is a farce: What the Trump-Ramos dust-up says about U.S. journalism

By Robert Mann When I heard that Donald Trump had booted Univision’s Jorge Ramos from a press conference on Tuesday in Dubuque, Iowa, I couldn’t wait to watch the indignant response of the other journalists in the room. That’s because I was … Continue reading

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Some questions for candidates who use faith as a campaign issue

By Robert Mann Like it or not, it’s now widely accepted that running for public office means not only sharing one’s policy ideas but also professing a deep and abiding faith in God and, usually, Jesus Christ. The Republican presidential candidates each declare they … Continue reading

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Jindal’s bad bet: He focused on Iowa, not Louisiana

By Robert Mann It’s a good bet that our next governor will work hard to distinguish himself from Gov. Bobby Jindal, whose stewardship of the state is widely regarded as unsuccessful, at best, and a disaster, at worst. Outperforming Jindal, … Continue reading

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