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My hits and misses on the 2016 election

By Robert Mann Over the past 18 months, I’ve opined about the wacky 2016 presidential election more than any other subject. I ventured many predictions — some of them accurate, others not so much. Now that it’s over, let’s review … Continue reading

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I have some questions for Louisiana’s congressional Republicans 

By Robert Mann Let’s get right to it: Your national party will nominate an unabashed racist, Donald Trump, for president. Why do you support that racist? I know you’ve been lying low lately, but you cannot slink away from your … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders, the not-so-social Democrats and the not-so-democratic Socialists

By Seán Patrick Donlan As the California Democratic primary finally, mercifully, approaches, the drama intensifies. At this point, that tension has little to do with the procedures by which the party selects its presidential candidate. Their nominee was already decided … Continue reading

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The concession speech Jindal won’t give, but which could salvage his legacy

By Robert Mann Here’s how Gov. Bobby Jindal’s presidential campaign will probably end: he will finish sixth or seventh in the Iowa caucuses about this time next year. Almost broke, he will forgo the New Hampshire primary (that state allows … Continue reading

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Underwhelmed by Hillary

By Robert Mann Regarding the rush to give Hillary Clinton the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, put me down as underwhelmed. I know she’s already the putative nominee. I know she’s the strongest candidate the Democrats have against anyone on the … Continue reading

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If Bobby Jindal runs for president, does he have a prayer?

By Robert Mann Gov. Bobby Jindal says he is praying about running for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. While it’s certainly possible Jindal wants heavenly guidance, color me skeptical. From all appearances, Jindal’s fervent prayers have always been more along the lines … Continue reading

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Some straight talk for Bobby Jindal: Dude, you are not going to be president

Governor Jindal, it’s time for a little straight talk – the kind your advisors are obviously too afraid, or too blind, to give you. Dude, you are never going to be president. Seriously, snap out of it, man. It’s just … Continue reading

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