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Bobby Jindal’s shipwrecked campaign

By Robert Mann Gov. Bobby Jindal made official on Wednesday (June 24) what we’ve known for years: He believes – all evidence to the contrary – that he is supremely qualified to be president. Like a dog that hears a … Continue reading

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My advice to Bobby Jindal: Quit while you’re behind

By Robert Mann Not that he will ever ask me for political advice, but here’s what I’d tell Bobby Jindal if he asked what he should to salvage what’s left of his political career: Resign. Seriously, quit. Walk away. Vamoose. … Continue reading

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Republicans courting Latinos: What the GOP could learn from LBJ

Hoping to win the affections of Hispanic voters who scorned their presidential nominee in record numbers on November 6, some Republicans have embraced comprehensive immigration reform. But will the passing of one piece of legislation, however comprehensive, be enough to … Continue reading

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And now it begins: Jindal for President, 2016

After four years of neglecting his duties as governor while traveling the country to make known his availability as a GOP vice presidential nominee, Gov. Bobby Jindal finally returns to Baton Rouge to reassess his future. It’s a rare event, … Continue reading

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