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David Vitter: Louisiana’s most feared Republican is now its most loathed | Salon.com

By Robert Mann It’s been an article of faith for almost two years in Louisiana that U.S. Sen. David Vitter would become the state’s next governor. Politicians and political observers here (this writer included) resigned themselves to the idea that … Continue reading

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Desperate for cash, Jindal tries to raise money off LSU football win

Gov. Bobby Jindal, his presidential campaign almost broke, desperately needs money. Just how desperate is Jindal for cash to keep his campaign alive? He sent this email to supporters (and me) last night after LSU’s victory over Florida in Tiger … Continue reading

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Jindal responds to Lafayette theater shooting with hugs and shrugs

By Robert Mann In the days after the deadly June shooting spree in Charleston, S.C., in which nine members of that city’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church died, Gov. Bobby Jindal attacked President Barack Obama’s calls for stricter gun control laws as … Continue reading

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Louisiana Secretary of State refers potential website abuse by Jindal to Attorney General, District Attorney

By Robert Mann Here’s an update to this post from May 30, in which I shared my email to the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office and my request that its Election Compliance Unit investigate Gov. Bobby Jindal for possibly using his … Continue reading

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With bizarre attack on Lincoln Chafee, Bobby Jindal has become Joaquin Phoenix.

By Robert Mann Remember in 2009 when the actor Joaquin Phoenix began exhibiting bizarre behavior? He grew a wild beard, announced that he had left acting and said he was adopting a new career – as a rap artist. As … Continue reading

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Former Louisiana budget director to next governor: ‘You are walking into a fiscal nightmare’

By Stephen Winham “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure” – attributed to Mark Twain (and others) Every day we are bombarded with numbers about our state and its finances. We are told one day there is a $1.6 billion structural … Continue reading

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Shell game: Shouldn’t higher education leaders have more integrity than Bobby Jindal?

By Robert Mann What example do Louisiana’s higher education leaders set by promoting the deceit and chicanery that is the Student Assessment for a Valuable Education (SAVE) bill, supposedly created to rescue Louisiana’s higher education budget? What do they demonstrate with their eagerness to create … Continue reading

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