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Some shocking news for Republicans: Ronald Reagan wasn’t a racist on immigration

By Robert Mann There was once a prominent liberal Democrat — he would one day become president — who embraced a big, broad belief in the American dream that too many of today’s political leaders reject. This future president said … Continue reading

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If you can’t speak out for sick kids, quit calling yourself ‘pro-life’

By Robert Mann It’s hard to find a government program that does more to save innocent lives than the Children’s Health Insurance Program. CHIP and its Louisiana incarnation, LaCHIP, are shining examples of effective, pro-life government initiatives. Louisiana’s Republican senators … Continue reading

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Congress: Sure it’s broken, but how can we fix it?

By Robert Mann Was there ever a new Congress – at least in the last hundred-plus years – which convened amidst such low expectations and so much public disgust? “Americans’ job approval rating for Congress averaged 15% in 2014, close … Continue reading

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To help veterans, Congress should stop making so many of them

#142020890 / gettyimages.com By Robert Mann The news about the Veterans Administration is “reprehensible,” to quote VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. As a recent VA inspector general’s report confirmed, the Phoenix VA hospital treated wounded veterans, desperate for medical care, as if they … Continue reading

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Looking for a job with no power? Congress might be for you

By Robert Mann When U.S. Rep. John Dingell announced his retirement from Congress last month, the Michigan Democrat was characteristically blunt about why he’s stepping down after 58 years in office. “I find serving in the House to be obnoxious,” … Continue reading

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Where are the Profiles in Courage in today’s Congress?

Quick, name one current member of Congress who would qualify for inclusion in a revised edition of John F. Kennedy’s 1957 bestselling book, Profiles in Courage. Go brew a cup of tea and contemplate the question. Sleep on it overnight. … Continue reading

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The Veep Debate: Say It Ain’t So, Joe

Campaigns, in general, and debates, in particular, are about conflict and clashing ideologies. That’s always been the nature of American politics. And, while many Americans say they hate the conflict and attacks, we also know that it’s what sells newspapers … Continue reading

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