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Decency demands we take no chances with the death penalty

By Robert Mann The chance a terrorist will hijack my next flight to Atlanta is infinitesimal, but I will submit to a virtual strip search when I board that plane. And I’ll do it every time to gain the assurance … Continue reading

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Jindal responds to Lafayette theater shooting with hugs and shrugs

By Robert Mann In the days after the deadly June shooting spree in Charleston, S.C., in which nine members of that city’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church died, Gov. Bobby Jindal attacked President Barack Obama’s calls for stricter gun control laws as … Continue reading

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What does the Bible really say about the death penalty?

My column in last Sunday’s Times-Picayune poked a bit of fun at literalist Christians who contend that every word of the Bible is the inspired (i.e., dictated) word of God. Those who take that position to support their condemnation of homosexuality, for example, … Continue reading

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A story of death and amazing grace

By Robert Mann Few of us can fathom the emotional scene that unfolded in a Baton Rouge courtroom on Sept. 9. A judge handed down a prison sentence to Michael A. Rushing for the 2012 rape and kidnapping of a … Continue reading

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Packing our prisons is not making us safer

By Robert Mann If stuffing our prisons with criminals reduced crime, shouldn’t Louisiana be the safest place on earth? Instead, with the highest incarceration rate in the country (in the nation with the world’s highest incarceration rate), Louisiana is among … Continue reading

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