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‘A sense of brokenness and abuse’: Crumbling LSU buildings & Jindal’s misplaced priorities

By Robert Mann Perhaps nothing symbolizes the deplorable state of Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana more than the decay that’s occurred on the state’s college campuses. The recent spate of stories about the funding crisis at Grambling State University featured photographs of … Continue reading

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Oh, the shame and humiliation of applying for the LSU president’s job!

By Robert Mann Do LSU officials believe it’s humiliating if the folks back home learn that you’d like to be president of the Old War Skule? Based on their public statements, seems so. At least, that’s how university officials defend themselves against … Continue reading

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Where’s Bobby Jindal? Not on the LSU campus.

I occasionally ask this question of my students: have you ever seen Gov. Bobby Jindal on the LSU campus? Their answer, of course, is no. It’s no wonder. Jindal, having slashed the state’s higher education budget by more than $400 … Continue reading

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LSU Daily Reveille: “Athletics bailout is appreciated, but embarrassing”

There’s a very good editorial in today’s LSU Daily Reveille about the athletic department’s bailout of the main LSU campus: “Welcome to LSU, where the value of your education is determined by the football team’s success. “That great professor recruited … Continue reading

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