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Campaign spots: Nothing new under the sun

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. –Ecclesiastes 1:9 The more you watch and study politics, the more you realize that it’s not often you see … Continue reading

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Romney’s “47 percent” remarks haven’t destroyed his campaign. But will they keep him from winning?

If, like Mitt Romney, you insult 47 percent of the American public by suggesting they are moochers, shouldn’t your poll numbers plummet? Why haven’t we seen significant damage to Romney numbers in the horserace polls? In fact, most Americans have … Continue reading

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Goldwater and Romney each had a “47 percent” moment

Mitt Romney‘s unfortunate comments about writing off the 47 percent of Americans he considers moochers reminds me of similar comments made by another hapless Republican presidential candidate, this one in 1964. That year, it was Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater, the … Continue reading

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Mitt’s About to Enter “Goldwater Land”

In an otherwise-routine and undistinguished interview a couple of months ago, Mitt Romney hoped that former Indianapolis Colt’s quarterback Peyton Manning wouldn’t head to the New England Patriots. Then, he added, “The owner of the Miami Dolphins and New York … Continue reading

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