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The 2016 Good, Bad and Ugly in Louisiana Politics Awards

By Robert Mann What a year in politics. Louisiana couldn’t match the national drama, but the state Capitol and beyond served up some fascinating drama. Here are my 2016 “winners” in 10 categories of infamy and esteem. Most Courage: Baton … Continue reading

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Donald Trump has a racist fan club

By Robert Mann Pollsters have always struggled to accurately gauge voters’ racial attitudes, so we may never know precisely how much racism fuels Donald Trump’s candidacy. What we know with certainty, however, is that the most prominent racists and white … Continue reading

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Why Donald Trump’s rise reminds us of David Duke

By Robert Mann Former KKK leader David Duke was once an aberration in the Republican Party – an unabashed racist and xenophobe seeking higher office by appealing to voters’ baser instincts. The novelty of Duke, running again for the U.S. … Continue reading

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Donald Trump unites Louisiana GOP leaders and David Duke

By Robert Mann It was a nightmare scenario. In 1991, Democrat Edwin Edwards and Republican David Duke faced each other in a runoff for Louisiana governor. At first, state GOP leaders couldn’t imagine supporting Edwards for a fourth term, regarding … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is David Duke in a nicer suit

The following piece was first published in Salon.com By Robert Mann After watching him romp through the early weeks of the Republican Party’s primary season – spewing hate, stoking xenophobia and attacking the Washington establishment – this thought keeps coming … Continue reading

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David Vitter is a cheap political prostitute: Even Louisiana racists smell desperation in his foul new campaign ad

By Robert Mann David Duke, Jesse Helms and Lee Atwater would be proud. Those abominable race baiters (Helms and Atwater are dead) were undoubtedly the inspiration for a shocking television spot that Republican U.S Sen. David Vitter began running Tuesday … Continue reading

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Bobby Jindal and David Duke may be different fish, but they swim in the same fetid pond

By Robert Mann What do former KKK leader David Duke and Gov. Bobby Jindal have in common? They have both used the same language to describe and demean Louisiana’s working poor. In April 2013, Jindal wrote an op-ed in the … Continue reading

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