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Why so many silent college faculty? Here’s one reason

By Robert Mann I sometimes wonder why more faculty members at LSU and elsewhere don’t speak up about how their schools have been defunded over the past eight years. It frustrates me that teachers and students only marched on the … Continue reading

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Thin Skin: Jindal aide to bloggers and tweeters — shut your traps!

By Robert Mann I knew that Gov. Bobby Jindal and his staff were intolerant of dissent. Jindal has fired so many people who disagreed with him that we’ve all lost count. But until now, I assumed that the intolerance extended … Continue reading

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Why Bobby Jindal should embrace, not punish, dissent

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is not comfortable with dissent. By now, it’s apparent to everyone in the Louisiana Legislature that you don’t cross the governor if you want to keep your committee leadership position. The most recent casualty was Republican … Continue reading

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