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Folksy GOP bromides won’t solve Louisiana’s budget crisis

By Robert Mann Have you noticed how politicians often compare government work to running a household or small business, especially when revenue declines? “If our families or small businesses begin to run a deficit, we don’t have many choices,” former … Continue reading

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A Knight’s Tale about Scalise has some problems

By Robert Mann Kenny Knight, the former David Duke aide, is trying to do Rep. Steve Scalise a solid. And some in news media might just buy it. Perhaps they should be more skeptical. Knight is now asserting that then-state … Continue reading

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Women voters to Jindal in new poll: ‘We’re just not that into you’

By Robert Mann The topline poll numbers are bad enough for Gov. Bobby Jindal, but dig into the crosstabs and you’ll find that his numbers among women voters in Louisiana are even worse. According to a survey of 600 Louisiana registered … Continue reading

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Jindal’s weak-soup speech to the RNC

As I’m sure you’ve read, Gov. Bobby Jindal went to Charlotte this week to speak to the Republican National Committee‘s winter meeting, where he dispensed some weak soup that, in Jindal’s world, seems to pass for wisdom and policy innovation. … Continue reading

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Bobby Jindal, the USS GOP and the Iceberg

Little-known fact: Gov. Bobby Jindal‘s great-grandfather, Rakesh Jindal, was a passenger on the Titanic’s ill-fated voyage in 1912. Turns out that Rakesh was strolling on the deck that evening, enjoying the cool North Atlantic air, when he spied the enormous … Continue reading

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