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Why do so many fearful Christians put more faith in guns than God?

By Robert Mann Why do many fearful Christians put more faith in guns than God? We all have fears. We fear failure, debilitating illness or death. We’re afraid of violence. We fear the unknown, the other and, sometimes, the truth. … Continue reading

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Why gun control, not individual gun rights, is consistent with American tradition and law

By Matt Higgins Whenever a horrific event like the San Bernardino mass shooting occurs, the refrain from gun rights advocates is to discount new laws or any type of gun control measure, arguing that gun control is antithetical to the … Continue reading

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The intolerable cost of America’s gun violence

By Robert Mann When I saw the quote, I thought it was a parody from The Onion, the satirical online “news” organization, which features fake stories like, “U.S. Encouraging Cuba To Shift Toward Democratic System Of Corruption.” Unfortunately, this story was real. The … Continue reading

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Think more guns will make us safer? You’re wrong

By Robert Mann It’s inevitable that after every gun massacre the gun lobby and its supporters lecture us about the need for more guns, not fewer. Consider this commentary, “New Rule: All Teachers Should Be Allowed to Carry Guns,” posted … Continue reading

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