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Why Louisiana’s GOP congressional delegation won’t condemn the Racist in Chief

By Robert Mann Perhaps you have noticed not one Republican member of Louisiana’s congressional delegation condemned Donald Trump for his racist remarks about immigrants. I know, Trump’s vulgar slur surprised no one. This kind of thing is routine. And it’s … Continue reading

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Some shocking news for Republicans: Ronald Reagan wasn’t a racist on immigration

By Robert Mann There was once a prominent liberal Democrat — he would one day become president — who embraced a big, broad belief in the American dream that too many of today’s political leaders reject. This future president said … Continue reading

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Christians and the plight of the ‘border children’

Pity the poor American Christian. From every side, he is persecuted, set upon by government bureaucrats, forced to do this, required to do that — denied his God-given right to pay low taxes and live as he pleases. If he … Continue reading

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The GOP and Latinos: Will immigration reform change their relationship? Not likely

By Robert Mann Having lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections, some Republican leaders in Congress have finally decided to tack a different course this week by throwing their support behind major immigration reform. To … Continue reading

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