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Justice might be a Biblical command, but it’s a government job

By Robert Mann Imagine you’re walking along the Mississippi River with friends when you spy a figure bobbing in the water. It’s a child. There’s no time to summon the police, so you swim to save it. Later, another child … Continue reading

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When it comes to Trump, what’s a Christian to do?

By Robert Mann Is voting for Donald Trump a morally defensible act? Can a person of faith justify supporting him? “Yes,” you might say, noting that many people of faith, particularly evangelicals, are wildly attracted to Trump and his blunt, … Continue reading

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This is not how a so-called Christian nation behaves

By Robert Mann In a thinly veiled autobiography published after his death in 1902, the British author Samuel Butler wrote about the Christian evangelical church of his youth. In one scene, he describes his congregation as “tolerators, if not lovers, of all … Continue reading

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Jindal: Let the little children come to me so I may use them as props

Imagine this scene at Louisiana’s Governor’s Mansion: “OK, governor, you sit there at the head of the table. Mrs. Jindal, please sit to his right. Wait, let’s get better light on her. Joe, can we get some powder on the … Continue reading

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What does the Bible really say about the death penalty?

My column in last Sunday’s Times-Picayune poked a bit of fun at literalist Christians who contend that every word of the Bible is the inspired (i.e., dictated) word of God. Those who take that position to support their condemnation of homosexuality, for example, … Continue reading

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Bobby Jindal’s Prayerpalooza: ‘Jesus would have been horrified’

By Robert Mann There is a fascinating and instructive cover story in the new edition of Newsweek on how most believers know almost nothing about the Bible. As author Kurt Eichenwald writes near the beginning of the piece, “Newsweek’s exploration here … Continue reading

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