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Congress: Sure it’s broken, but how can we fix it?

By Robert Mann Was there ever a new Congress – at least in the last hundred-plus years – which convened amidst such low expectations and so much public disgust? “Americans’ job approval rating for Congress averaged 15% in 2014, close … Continue reading

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Sen. Mary Landrieu has the seniority, but will voters care?

By Robert Mann It’s said that when someone once asked then-House Speaker Sam Rayburn why the Texas congressional delegation was so powerful, he replied, “We elect them young, smart and honest – and we keep them there.” For generations, seniority in Congress meant power and … Continue reading

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Louisiana’s cavalcade of cowardice on Medicaid expansion

By Robert Mann Just how much do Louisiana Republicans despise President Barack Obama? The result of Wednesday’s appalling vote against providing health insurance for Louisiana’s working poor in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee suggests it’s quite a bit. After … Continue reading

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Does Bobby Jindal have a prayer? Here’s mine

By Robert Mann Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say that I was not always a big fan of former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer. It began many years ago, when Roemer was in Congress and I worked … Continue reading

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Making government work. It’s not that difficult. And John Breaux knows how we can do it.

Why is it that just when millions of Americans start paying attention to politics, our campaigns become so nasty? It happens every campaign season. After a year of avoiding the political chatter, even the most disinterested, apathetic voter finds herself … Continue reading

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