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Jindal’s voucher program is an appalling, slapdash boondoggle

By Robert Mann Imagine you live in a dilapidated house. The roof leaks. Windows are broken. There’s no heat in winter. One day, however, a government official offers a lifeline. “We’ll give your family a much better home,” he says. … Continue reading

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Legislative auditor issues devastating critique of Jindal’s troubled private-school voucher program

By Robert Mann Gov. Bobby Jindal’s troubled private-school voucher program took another hit today. This time, it came in the form of highly critical report by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor, who cited numerous accountability deficiencies in the voucher program. Monday’s … Continue reading

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Jindal takes out the voucher trash

By Robert Mann In the P.R. business, it’s called “taking out the trash,” the tactic of limiting damaging press coverage by releasing embarrassing information on a Friday afternoon or a holiday weekend. That is, essentially, what Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration … Continue reading

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John White to schools on Common Core requirements: you get a pass

By Robert Mann After years of hollow talk about no excuses and demanding excellence, and all kinds of TFA psychobabble, state education Superintendent John White finally says, “Never mind.” If a school bombs once Common Core is in place, the … Continue reading

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Jindal’s voucher program: a vote-buying scam for the Christian right

By Robert Mann Did you know that Gov. Bobby Jindal is a civil rights leader? Although he’s never spoken much about the subject, Jindal wants you to know that he’s a regular Martin Luther King when it comes to education. … Continue reading

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Poverty and Class: Stories about students, by their teachers

By Robert Mann Public school teachers know more about the struggles of poor families than most people ever will. Each day, they see the damage poverty does to children and how it inhibits their learning. They also see the ill … Continue reading

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Louisiana is ignoring the poverty that limits children’s success in school

By Robert Mann So, now Louisiana’s education accountability program will include 3- and 4-year-old children? As one wag on Twitter asked, what’s next, prenatal testing? This fall, state officials launch a pilot program at day care and childcare centers in 15 parishes … Continue reading

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