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The mysterious case of the missing budget cuts

By Robert Mann To paraphrase Groucho Marx: They may talk like charlatans and look like charlatans. But don’t let that fool you. They really are charlatans. How long have Republican leaders in the Louisiana Legislature assured us the state’s budget … Continue reading

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The Governor of Oz

By Robert Mann What is it about Louisiana’s governor that strikes abject fear in the hearts of so many legislators? Like the Cowardly Lion of Oz, the lawmakers who follow the asphalt roads to Baton Rouge tremble at the sight … Continue reading

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Some questions about Jindal’s big speech

By Robert Mann Gov. Bobby Jindal addresses the Louisiana Legislature Monday at noon and will, presumably, make a forceful pitch for his tax “reform” plan. In his five years as governor, Jindal has never been politically weaker. And he has … Continue reading

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LSU Daily Reveille: “Athletics bailout is appreciated, but embarrassing”

There’s a very good editorial in today’s LSU Daily Reveille about the athletic department’s bailout of the main LSU campus: “Welcome to LSU, where the value of your education is determined by the football team’s success. “That great professor recruited … Continue reading

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The Reporter Who Lost $1.8 billion

Louisiana’s steep decline in revenue seems to be a mystery to the Baton Rouge Advocate. In a front-page story today, reporter Koran Addo observed, “Lower than expected state tax collections have Louisiana’s four public college systems scrambling to cut a … Continue reading

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Martin: LSU Could Suffer $14 million Cut

Despite what Gov. Bobby Jindal and some legislative leaders say about restoring budget cuts and making higher education “whole,” it appears that LSU could take a $14 million cut in the coming fiscal year. LSU Chancellor Mike Martin just sent … Continue reading

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