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Louisiana needs its own “GI bill” for higher education: Matt Higgins

By Matt Higgins The Louisiana Legislature is yet again debating whether higher education should be properly funded. Such narrow thinking used to not be part of the American psyche. Seventy years ago, the U.S. government provided direct aid to World … Continue reading

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Louisiana’s higher education leaders are finally fighting

“We may not be opening in August.” Continue reading

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The unbearable whiteness of being on Bobby Jindal’s higher education boards

By Robert Mann Here’s a question that every candidate for Louisiana governor ought to answer in a public forum in the next week or two. It’s a simple question, so suggesting that they need time for study or contemplation should … Continue reading

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Bobby Jindal’s Hot Tub Time Machine

By Cyril Vetter I was born and raised in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. When I grew up in the 1950s, it was cool to be stupid. Smart kids, kids who studied, were “fruits” — but if you acted stupid (whether you actually … Continue reading

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Rick Perry’s ‘crimes’ pale in comparison to Bobby Jindal’s

By Robert Mann Some liberals have celebrated the recent indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry on charges of abuse of power. I’m not among them. His opponents couldn’t beat Perry at the polls, and they seem eager to derail his … Continue reading

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Bobby Jindal and David Vitter are both hypocritical on Common Core

By Robert Mann When I listen to Gov. Bobby Jindal and Sen. David Vitter fight over Louisiana’s participation in Common Core, it sounds like the dispute of a dysfunctional family, in which the parents are oblivious to how their brawl hurts the … Continue reading

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Big Easy, Little Choice: Is New Orleans-style school choice a model or a cautionary tale?

By Ashana Bigard When I talk about “choice” in New Orleans I use quotations with both fingers and I wink, too. Supposedly we have what’s called a “choice model for excellent education,” but the reality is that the overwhelming majority … Continue reading

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