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Questionnaire for State Senator Neil Riser

Blogger Lamar White pretends to submit a questionnaire to Sen. Neil Riser on behalf of the Louisiana GOP. This post by one of Louisiana’s best political bloggers is an instant classic. I urge you to read it. Dear State Senator Neil Riser, … Continue reading

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Recruiting black conservatives: ‘Runaway Slave’ vs ‘Django Unchained’

By Tom Swain By now, it’s likely too late to register for the second day of @large, billed as “a conference for a new majority.” You could go to http://www.atlargeconference.com and find out about it. Tickets, if you can still … Continue reading

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A Louisiana Elections Primer: The next four years will be a wild ride

By Robert Mann “I advise anyone who thinks he knows something about politics to go down to Louisiana and take a postgraduate course.” –Texas U.S. Sen. Tom Connally, 1932. If you are obsessed with politics, Louisiana is the place for … Continue reading

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