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In John Bel Edwards, Louisiana finally has a full-time, effective governor

By Robert Mann Former Gov. Bobby Jindal’s eight years of misrule set a low bar for leadership. It’s no wonder his successor, John Bel Edwards, cleared that subterranean hurdle during his first, eventful year in office. That Edwards would eclipse … Continue reading

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Will the great flood sink Baton Rouge or inspire its rebirth?

By Robert Mann The news from Baton Rouge last month was a city immersed in crisis and death, divided and virtually at war with itself over the death of Alton Sterling, the 37-year-old black man killed by Baton Rouge police … Continue reading

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‘Louisiana is strong. Our hearts are huge, our need is great’

By Robert Mann Everywhere I’ve been in Baton Rouge the past two days, I’ve witnessed remarkable compassion, grace and optimism. Much of this city and region remained under water on Monday. Tens of thousands are homeless. At least 11 are dead. … Continue reading

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Why Donald Trump’s rise reminds us of David Duke

By Robert Mann Former KKK leader David Duke was once an aberration in the Republican Party – an unabashed racist and xenophobe seeking higher office by appealing to voters’ baser instincts. The novelty of Duke, running again for the U.S. … Continue reading

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What’$ in a name?

By Tom Swain New Orleans has not decided where to put its monuments to Confederate leaders Jefferson Davis, P.G.T. Beauregard, and Robert E. Lee after they are removed this summer. Let me suggest that its more progressive sister city to … Continue reading

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Not perfect, but Louisiana does voting better than most

By Robert Mann It’s a simple and, perhaps, self-evident notion: “Every election,” the University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato has observed, “is determined by the people who show up.” Sabato’s dictum is also a window into why – despite several … Continue reading

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The disturbing decline of LSU’s Huey P. Long Field House

By Robert Mann Today, it’s an outdated, dilapidated building beset with a multitude of maintenance problems.  But it was once among the grandest spots on LSU’s campus. Built in 1932 at a cost of $1 million (more than $17 million … Continue reading

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