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What Selma teaches us about the “American experiment”

By Robert Mann What is America? Every generation redefines our great country in its unique way, but I’m often drawn to those prominent thinkers who have defined our nation, as did Alexis de Tocqueville in 1831, as a “great experiment.” Every generation has at … Continue reading

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Selma: MLK vs LBJ

By Robert Mann Who was really responsible for the 1965 voting rights act? And who inspired the bloody 1965 civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, which is portrayed in the new film “Selma“? I haven’t yet seen the film, … Continue reading

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LBJ’s Mad Men and the Ad that Changed American Politics

By Robert Mann Fifty years ago – on the night of Monday, Sept. 7, 1964 – an innocent little girl plucking flower petals in a sun-splashed field helped usher in a revolution in American political advertising. The 60-second television spot … Continue reading

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Republicans courting Latinos: What the GOP could learn from LBJ

Hoping to win the affections of Hispanic voters who scorned their presidential nominee in record numbers on November 6, some Republicans have embraced comprehensive immigration reform. But will the passing of one piece of legislation, however comprehensive, be enough to … Continue reading

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Beware the Crowdsmanship: When it comes to campaign rallies, does size matter?

“We are entering the season of crowdsmanship, counting up the people who gather to see the presidential candidates on these autumn days,” political columnist Hugh Sidey observed in a Life magazine article in September 1968. “The prehistoric political ritual is … Continue reading

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He said what??!! Obama’s spots and why they’re missing Gingrich and Santorum

In his losing bid for the 1980 Democratic presidential nomination, Edward Kennedy didn’t mince words about his opponent, President Jimmy Carter. He blamed the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Iranian hostage crisis on Carter’s weak leadership. In a January … Continue reading

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George McGovern’s uncommon decency: A personal remembrance

Few people under the age of 40 have any profound memory of former Sen. George McGovern, who died early Sunday at the age of 90. That’s a shame because the 1972 Democratic presidential nominee should be remembered as one of … Continue reading

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