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Edmonson’s reappointment casts doubt on Edwards’ commitment to ethical governance

“I Will Not Lie, Cheat, or Steal or Tolerate Those Who Do.” — John Bel Edwards By Robert Mann Any hopes that the election of Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards would signal a change of direction at the ethically troubled Louisiana State … Continue reading

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Under Bobby Jindal, Louisiana’s culture of corruption hasn’t changed

By Robert Mann The sneaky, dishonest way Gov. Bobby Jindal and the Legislature shoveled an extra $30,000 in annual retirement benefits to the head of the Louisiana State Police should forever prevent Jindal from bragging about having cleaned up his … Continue reading

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Louisiana’s bumbling, out-of-touch governor

By Robert Mann When I travel a great deal, as I did this spring, I’m not fully part of my family’s rhythms. It’s hard to gauge just how the children are doing in a 10-minute conversation with my wife at … Continue reading

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Election fraud, Louisiana style: Jindal, Riser and the deal to steal a congressional seat

By Robert Mann Any shred of credibility that Gov. Bobby Jindal had as an ethics champion is being swallowed up by the shameless spectacle of deceit and chicanery unfolding in Louisiana’s 5th congressional district. For those of you not following the … Continue reading

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Questionnaire for State Senator Neil Riser

Blogger Lamar White pretends to submit a questionnaire to Sen. Neil Riser on behalf of the Louisiana GOP. This post by one of Louisiana’s best political bloggers is an instant classic. I urge you to read it. Dear State Senator Neil Riser, … Continue reading

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