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Barack Obama’s amazing grace

By Robert Mann Among dozens of moments that define the historic, consequential presidency of Barack Obama was his moving eulogy of the Rev. Clementa Pinckney of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., in June 2015. Pinckney and eight … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton’s makeover lessons from Richard Nixon

By Robert Mann It’s makeover time on the nascent Hillary Clinton for President campaign. The New York Times reported recently that Clinton has hired a former aide to First Lady Michelle Obama, Kristina Schake, to help freshen up her image. … Continue reading

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What Selma teaches us about the “American experiment”

By Robert Mann What is America? Every generation redefines our great country in its unique way, but I’m often drawn to those prominent thinkers who have defined our nation, as did Alexis de Tocqueville in 1831, as a “great experiment.” Every generation has at … Continue reading

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Scandal: Mary Landrieu tells the truth about race, Louisiana history

By Robert Mann Did you hear the stunning news about how Sen. Mary Landrieu vilified all her white constituents as knuckle-dragging, virulent racists? It was quite shocking and will probably disqualify her from being re-elected to the Senate. Her comments were … Continue reading

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The drums of war, again

By Robert Mann Hear that? It’s the sound of beating drums. They’re war drums, to be precise. Our political percussion section loves to play these familiar tunes. It practices its bellicose beats at every opportunity. It’s remarkable how eager we … Continue reading

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To help veterans, Congress should stop making so many of them

#142020890 / gettyimages.com By Robert Mann The news about the Veterans Administration is “reprehensible,” to quote VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. As a recent VA inspector general’s report confirmed, the Phoenix VA hospital treated wounded veterans, desperate for medical care, as if they … Continue reading

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Jindal should take his own advice on GOP’s Obamacare attacks

By Robert Mann Gov. Bobby Jindal is back with some more advice for his Republican Party: quit spending so much time criticizing Obamacare. In an interview with the Washington Post, Jindal said: “There are still too many folks who would … Continue reading

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