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Grateful Obamacare is still alive? Thank Mary Landrieu

By Robert Mann The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is safe for now, and let’s hope Congress will fix its flaws and enhance it, something members should have done years ago. Correcting the ACA would be impossible if three Republican senators … Continue reading

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What Donald Trump and Gov. John Bel Edwards inherited from their predecessors

By Robert Mann Obamacare’s fate is now a crisis for Donald Trump and congressional Republicans. It’s delicious irony that, after railing against and vowing to repeal former President Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement, the care and feeding of a program … Continue reading

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Louisiana’s working poor can’t wait on a Medicaid waiver

By Robert Mann It’s finally going to happen. Louisiana’s next governor will almost certainly expand the state’s Medicaid program under provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Unlike Gov. Bobby Jindal, state Rep. John Bel Edwards and U.S. Sen. David Vitter … Continue reading

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Bobby Jindal and David Duke may be different fish, but they swim in the same fetid pond

By Robert Mann What do former KKK leader David Duke and Gov. Bobby Jindal have in common? They have both used the same language to describe and demean Louisiana’s working poor. In April 2013, Jindal wrote an op-ed in the … Continue reading

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The day Bobby Jindal told the truth about his health care proposal

By Robert Mann Let’s be honest. Gov. Bobby Jindal’s best quality is not honesty. For years, he’s peddled fictional accounts of his fiscal conservatism, his devotion to education reform, his commitment to religious liberty, his concern about the state’s environment … Continue reading

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David Vitter’s tacit admission that Obamacare won’t be repealed

By Robert Mann I’ve argued for months that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will play only a minor role in the 2014 U.S. Senate race between Sen. Mary Landrieu and her main Republican challenger, U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy. Landrieu will probably never … Continue reading

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Bobby Jindal’s health care hostages

By Robert Mann Gov. Bobby Jindal has deplored the controversial prisoner exchange that President Barack Obama recently made to secure the release of an American soldier, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, held by the Taliban in Afghanistan for almost five years. “Refusing to negotiate with … Continue reading

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