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Are Louisiana GOP lawmakers budget hawks or chicken hawks?

By Robert Mann After eight years of enabling then-Gov. Bobby Jindal as he mismanaged Louisiana’s budget process, isn’t it remarkable that some prominent Republicans in the Legislature have suddenly grown a backbone? Apparently, the gestation period for valor among certain … Continue reading

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It’s about Mary Landrieu’s heart, not her home

By Robert Mann “Home is always the impossible subject, multilayered and maddening.” ― Paul Theroux. Now that her Republican antagonists have decided not to trounce her at the polls but, rather, bounce her from the ballot, Sen. Mary Landrieu’s home … Continue reading

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Says the Louisiana GOP: buy a house — and keep your mouths shut

By Robert Mann I’ve already written about the silly lawsuit by state Sen. Paul Hollis challenging Sen. Mary Landrieu’s candidacy based on the question of her legal residency. Hollis will almost certainly lose, because the suit is clearly frivolous. The Constitution … Continue reading

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My nomination for dumbest bill of the 2013 Louisiana legislative session

By Robert Mann In the annals of Louisiana legislative history, many a demagogic lawmaker has filed many a puerile bill. Perhaps each year some organization, maybe the Public Affairs Research Council (PAR), should present an award to the benighted legislator … Continue reading

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