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Thanks to Bobby Jindal, we know how disastrous Trump’s education policies could be

By Robert Mann Let’s be grateful for former Gov. Bobby Jindal. He was a failure, but at least one of his failures gave us an inkling of how disastrous President-elect Donald Trump’s national education policies could be. In nominating billionaire … Continue reading

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Jindal’s voucher program is an appalling, slapdash boondoggle

By Robert Mann Imagine you live in a dilapidated house. The roof leaks. Windows are broken. There’s no heat in winter. One day, however, a government official offers a lifeline. “We’ll give your family a much better home,” he says. … Continue reading

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To save time and money, let’s privatize the Louisiana Legislature

#184100409 / gettyimages.com By Robert Mann Has Gov. Bobby Jindal ever seen a government program he couldn’t privatize? Jindal certainly has a reputation as a fierce advocate of relinquishing government functions to corporate interests. That said, could it be that … Continue reading

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Voucher fraud? Maybe, but John White doesn’t care

By Robert Mann Imagine if an audit of Louisiana’s Head Start schools came back showing that almost every one of them kept sloppy records, so much so that the schools could not demonstrate that the government money they received was being “spent … Continue reading

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