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Donald Trump and the GOP crisis of conscience: “I will support my party’s nominee”

By Robert Mann Imagine you’re a Republican member of Congress from a Southern state, someone like Sen. Bill Cassidy, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise or Rep. Garret Graves. You know Donald Trump’s candidacy is a joke. He’s the most reckless, … Continue reading

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Donald Trump has a racist fan club

By Robert Mann Pollsters have always struggled to accurately gauge voters’ racial attitudes, so we may never know precisely how much racism fuels Donald Trump’s candidacy. What we know with certainty, however, is that the most prominent racists and white … Continue reading

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This is how a suicidal political party behaves

By Robert Mann If devious Democratic operatives had conspired last year to sabotage the Republican Party by poisoning its already troubled relationship with young voters and Latinos and other minorities, they could not have devised anything nearly so effective as … Continue reading

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Sen. Troy Brown must go

By Robert Mann Remember the bipartisan uproar in the Louisiana Legislature in May when state Rep. Kenny Havard, R-St. Francisville, offered an amendment requiring that female strippers be no older than 28 and weigh less than 160 pounds? The response … Continue reading

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Donald Trump unites Louisiana GOP leaders and David Duke

By Robert Mann It was a nightmare scenario. In 1991, Democrat Edwin Edwards and Republican David Duke faced each other in a runoff for Louisiana governor. At first, state GOP leaders couldn’t imagine supporting Edwards for a fourth term, regarding … Continue reading

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GOP presidential candidates defend discrimination, not free speech

By Robert Mann Several of them pledge to plunge the United States deeper into the military conflict in Syria. Half wish to deny women the right to an abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. Their frontrunner has made … Continue reading

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Some questions for candidates who use faith as a campaign issue

By Robert Mann Like it or not, it’s now widely accepted that running for public office means not only sharing one’s policy ideas but also professing a deep and abiding faith in God and, usually, Jesus Christ. The Republican presidential candidates each declare they … Continue reading

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