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Why Louisiana’s GOP congressional delegation won’t condemn the Racist in Chief

By Robert Mann Perhaps you have noticed not one Republican member of Louisiana’s congressional delegation condemned Donald Trump for his racist remarks about immigrants. I know, Trump’s vulgar slur surprised no one. This kind of thing is routine. And it’s … Continue reading

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Republicans worry about debt and deficits only when a Democrat is in the White House | Robert Mann

By Robert Mann Have you noticed Republicans say they hate deficits? Have you heard their passionate rhetoric about the evils of the national debt? Maybe, like me, you thought when Republicans finally controlled Congress and the White House, they’d do … Continue reading

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Professors aren’t indoctrinating students, but some Republicans wish they would

By Robert Mann “I am now ashamed of my time at LSU with this type of biased writing coming out of the [mass communication] department,” a peeved reader wrote in an email to me last week. “Now I can see … Continue reading

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If Republicans can’t win without suppressing black votes they should find other work

By Robert Mann What persuades some Republican leaders and operatives that their ideas and policies are so unpopular that they can win elections only by preventing young people, black people and other minorities from voting? If your party can’t win … Continue reading

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Sen. Mary Landrieu: She may be a GOP target, but don’t dismiss her re-election chances

By Robert Mann A recent Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey showing Sen. Mary Landrieu leading a slew of potential challengers seems to have signaled the start of the 2014 Louisiana U.S. Senate race — although election day is still 22 long … Continue reading

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State of Irrelevance: Louisiana and presidential politics

Republicans are gathering in Tampa to nominate Mitt Romney for president. And while the election will be hard fought, Louisiana will mostly be left out. As one of the most reliably Republican states, Louisiana no longer matters in presidential politics. … Continue reading

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Bombs Away: What’s so bad about those negative ads?

You’ve probably already witnessed some the verbal hand-wringing in the news media about the toxicity of the political attack ads invading America’s living rooms. Never mind that these journalists and talk show hosts, especially cable news, are among the worst … Continue reading

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