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Senate health care bill is a risky vote for Sen. Bill Cassidy, GOP

By Robert Mann You need not be a politician with the superior political intuition of Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton to understand how dangerous the Republican health care bill is to the future of that party’s majority in both houses. … Continue reading

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The Filibuster and U.S. Senate: How opaque, back-room dealing is subverting democracy

By Robert Mann Is the Senate filibuster, as we know it, about to end? Possibly. Politico and other news organizations are reporting that a deal among some leading senators is in the works that would significantly reform how the Senate … Continue reading

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The Myth of Mr. Smith: A popular Senate filibuster reform proposal that won’t work

By Robert Mann It has become popular among opponents of the U.S. Senate filibuster rule to suggest that the surest way to bring Republican obstructionism to heel is to require the filibusterers to stand and talk, Mr. Smith-style. You may … Continue reading

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