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Education reform? Or “reign of error”?

By Robert Mann Like so many business leaders, the Indiana ice cream executive was sure he knew what ailed his state’s education system. Schools weren’t being run like corporations.  “If I ran my business the way you people operate your … Continue reading

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Poverty and Class: Stories about students, by their teachers

By Robert Mann Public school teachers know more about the struggles of poor families than most people ever will. Each day, they see the damage poverty does to children and how it inhibits their learning. They also see the ill … Continue reading

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Louisiana is ignoring the poverty that limits children’s success in school

By Robert Mann So, now Louisiana’s education accountability program will include 3- and 4-year-old children? As one wag on Twitter asked, what’s next, prenatal testing? This fall, state officials launch a pilot program at day care and childcare centers in 15 parishes … Continue reading

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Bad Teacher? Blaming teachers distracts from what really hurts our schools

By Robert Mann Whether we realize it or not, most of us view public policy questions through certain frames or narratives. For example, if you hate the very idea of taxes, it’s likely that the phrase “tax relief” resonates with … Continue reading

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