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Republicans worry about debt and deficits only when a Democrat is in the White House | Robert Mann

By Robert Mann Have you noticed Republicans say they hate deficits? Have you heard their passionate rhetoric about the evils of the national debt? Maybe, like me, you thought when Republicans finally controlled Congress and the White House, they’d do … Continue reading

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It’s not taxes, but Republican myths about them, that hurt Louisiana

By Robert Mann It’s one thing to say taxes are too high. That’s a subjective judgment dependent on what you believe the government should provide. It’s quite another thing to argue tax increases always destroy jobs or that tax cuts … Continue reading

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Where are Louisiana’s supply-side believers now?

By Robert Mann Come on, conservatives, I dare you. If there ever was a time when Louisiana’s supply siders should enact their economic theories, it is now. Louisiana faces a devastating $1.6 billion budget shortfall in the coming fiscal year. Tumbling oil … Continue reading

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Sticking it to the Lucky Duckies: Jindal tax plan forces poor to pay their fair share

By Robert Mann Isn’t it remarkable how much conservative politicians just hate – hate! — tax increases on the wealthy? Remember how they howled just a few months ago when President Obama signed into law a modest tax increase on … Continue reading

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