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Donald Trump, Republican Party are marooned on Know Nothing Island

By Robert Mann Marooned on an island of discarded ideologies and false beliefs, members of the modern-day Republican Party are like Japanese dead-enders from World War II who thought the conflict was still raging and that victory — long ago … Continue reading

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If Republicans can’t win without suppressing black votes they should find other work

By Robert Mann What persuades some Republican leaders and operatives that their ideas and policies are so unpopular that they can win elections only by preventing young people, black people and other minorities from voting? If your party can’t win … Continue reading

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Not perfect, but Louisiana does voting better than most

By Robert Mann It’s a simple and, perhaps, self-evident notion: “Every election,” the University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato has observed, “is determined by the people who show up.” Sabato’s dictum is also a window into why – despite several … Continue reading

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What Selma teaches us about the “American experiment”

By Robert Mann What is America? Every generation redefines our great country in its unique way, but I’m often drawn to those prominent thinkers who have defined our nation, as did Alexis de Tocqueville in 1831, as a “great experiment.” Every generation has at … Continue reading

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