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Washington Post, March 5, 2013
Washington Post, March 5, 2013

I’m an LSU faculty member and former press secretary for two U.S. senators (Russell Long and John Breaux) and former communications director for former Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco. I write about all sorts of topics — national and state politics, but also my family and my faith.

I make mistakes, including occasionally misspelling a word or a name in my effort to make my posts timely. I wish I had a full-time editor to closely read everything before it goes up on the blog, but I don’t.

So, I welcome comments on the substance of the blog, but also editing help from readers and suggestions for topics and interesting links that you think I should include here. Feel free to send me a message by email (rtmannjr AT gmail.com) or post a comment or criticism for all to see. I can take the heat if you want to dish it out (and I’ll usually respond if your comments are remotely civil), but please do your best to keep it clean and not personal. Warning: I block trolls, so don’t bother with that.

Everything on this blog is my opinion alone, unless otherwise noted in an attribution, quote or hyperlink. I don’t write for anyone but myself and my readers.

Thanks for reading!

-Bob Mann

My blog’s name was inspired by a line in poem by John Haines, “The Last Election.” You can read it at this link.

13 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Any follow-up book signings? I missed the one last week.


    1. No book signings planned, but happy to sign books.


  2. Have you seen HB 642 by N. Landry segregating schools? I’d love your opinion on it.


    1. I haven’t, but will take a look.


  3. flyingcuttlefish May 30, 2013 — 12:14 pm

    I don’t see a NEW TIP box here – so … here’s one on the recent senate session. On the session video — at 1 hour 30 min. mark is a great news item –

    On dirty medical contract deal …


  4. Gregory Foreman August 26, 2014 — 2:39 pm

    I had a dream last night, really a nightmare, and haven’t been able to shake it. In my dream, David Vitter ran for and won the governorship. Since Vitter had another two years left on his Senate term, Jindal, prior to Vitter being sworn in governor, appointed himself the Senate seat to fill out vacant term. Could such a situation unfold or will my nightmare remain just that—a really, really, really bad dream?


  5. Unless Vitter resigns his Senate seat before taking office (as opposed to resigning effective the morning he would take office as governor), Jindal wouldn’t get to make that appointment. It would be Vitter himself choosing his successor. In any event, Vitter’s election isn’t a foregone conclusion. But it’s all nightmare stuff, for sure.


    1. Artemus Nelson Terral Jr September 6, 2015 — 11:33 pm

      Why would Vitter want to help Jindal to any thing but a piece of humble pie ?


  6. This is one of my favorite writers and by far the best thing about the Times-Picayune.


    1. Thanks! Very kind of you. Much appreciated.


  7. Christina Washington October 15, 2017 — 6:03 pm

    I have to pick up one of your books!


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